Best Exterior House Paint Color Schemes for Your Home

There are things to consider before choosing an exterior paint color scheme for your home.  The type of house, its style and themes you want to apply are some considerations. The best color schemes need to compliment your house, enhance its look and give your house a character. Below are some exterior house paint color schemes that can help you in choosing the best for your home.

  • Use a limited amount of bold accents: This can give your home a more restrained or calm color scheme. This choice works well with classic homes styles because it preserves their traditional forms.
  • Choose color as contrast to the landscape: If your home is surrounded by natural landscape, you can pick a shade of color that will make your home draw back into the background of trees and plants or you can choose a color that stands out bringing attention.
  • Use white color variations: White is a classic color, a popular exterior color selection because it works well with a variety of home styles; it makes a large home appear less massive and allows the landscape to stand out for color and texture distinction.
  • Use wood to create warmth: This is a contemporary scheme that is used mostly in grey steel buildings. A bright accent color like orange is used or a contrasting material such as wood stained in a medium dark color.
  • Pick two hues in varying brightness for accent: This color scheme is used for updating uninteresting exteriors that are painted in one plain color like white used in colonial style homes.
  • Experiment with primary colors: Red, yellow and blue as basic of all other hues, are complimentary colors. When given rich depth or startling brightness they provides distinctive color scheme for the exteriors.
  • The size of your house determines the color: A large house will look less imposing with a light color scheme while a small house can fit well in a landscape with a warm and rich color.
  • Explore stain color option: Stain offers a wide range or bright and light shades that can fit different home styles.
  • Accent a single color: A single color can be used in creating a complimentary shade color scheme.

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