Slideshow: Tips for Hiring a Professional House Painting Company

Exterior house painting is a big project that requires the right equipment and expertise. However, finding the perfect company is not a simple process. To hire the right exterior house painting company, ask friends, set up a meeting with the company, ask for references and get a cost estimate in writing. If you have been looking for a professional company to paint the exterior of your house, we are here. We can restore your home’s exterior surface to its original beauty so that your home will once again have the new look of a freshly painted home. Call us at…


How to Hire an Exterior House Painting Company

Exterior house painting is a big project that requires the right equipment and expertise. A professional house painting company has the experience and manpower to do the job properly and efficiently. However, finding the right company is not a simple process. To make sure you select a responsible, reliable and experienced company, you should: Ask around: If you know of people who have used a professional company for exterior house painting, ask them about their experiences. This will give you an idea of the company’s work. Set up a meeting: Once you have a list of the companies, set up…


What Can An Exterior House Painting Service Do For You?

Painting the exterior of your home is definitely a major project. It takes planning and time to get it done correctly. If you are considering doing it on your own, you may want to reconsider. As enjoyable as it may sound, it is a big project that might be better left to the professionals. There are many important factors to consider such as choosing the right paint, cleaning the surface or removing rotten wood. Exterior house painting professionals have years of experience and expertise and will give you the best outcome. They will make sure that all the important factors…


Slideshow: What Factors Contribute to a Beautiful Exterior Paint Job?

Exterior house painting affects the curb appeal of a house. It can also create a dramatic, new and fresh appearance. To have a beautiful exterior paint job, plan and prepare appropriately, choose the right paint and the right painting company. If you are looking for an exterior house painting company, contact Prism House Painting Plus. We are experienced and are the perfect company for someone who wants to improve the look of their home without having to make major renovations. Call us at 845-213-3188. Click here to Download


Factors That Contribute to a Beautiful Exterior Paint Job

Are you planning to have the exterior of your house painted? Do you know that exterior house painting affects the curb appeal of your house? It can create a dramatic and completely new and fresh appearance. To ensure a beautiful outcome, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration. The following are some important factors, as suggested by the professional painters at Prism House Painting Plus, that will ensure a beautiful exterior paint job: Planning and Preparation: Choosing the best time of the year is one important element of the preparation process. If you are considering oil-based paint,…


Slideshow: Steps in Painting Your Deck

Steps in painting your deck include preparing the deck, painting it with a paint sprayer, using an oil-based finish and allowing it to dry for at least four hours. If you are planning to get your deck painted, get in touch with the painting experts at Prism House Painting Plus. You can call us at 203-653-8440 or email us at Click here to Download


Which house painting colors can help sell a house?

If you are planning to put your house up for sale, you should remember that the first impression is of the utmost importance. Your house’s paint color can play an important role because a wrong color inside or outside can turn off a potential buyer. If you want to impress your buyers, consider having your house painted in either white, beige, blue, yellow, brown, neutral colors or earth tones. Finding the right house painting contractor is important in order to obtain the best results. Whether you’re painting the exterior or the interior of your house, you can rely on Prism…

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