Different Types of House Paint

All You Need to Know About House Paints

There are various types of house paint one can use to paint their home. The type of paint you choose is as important as the color you select. There is a wide array of brands and an in numerable selection of house paint in the market today. We’re here to help you learn about the different types of paint and prevent you from wasting time and money.

House Paint Dictionary

  1. Primer – Primer is used on new, uncoated surfaces and act as a protection for the material underneath. It is not paint, but is needed in many painting projects. It acts as a base for further coats. It can either be oil based or water based. Most people prefer using the oil based type of primer, especially while working on an exterior wood surface. You need to keep in mind that the primer you use and the type of paint you use matches. If you are using an oil primer, go for oil based paint as well. Primers for other surfaces, such as tiles or melamine are also available.
  2. Exterior and Interior – The house paint you buy will be labelled as exterior or interior. Very simply put, water based paint is best suited for interiors and oil based varieties for the exterior.
  3. Oil-based – Oil based paints that are used to paint your house take more time to dry. This type ofpaint has the following advantages:
  4. It gives an attractive gloss to the surface.

    There’s a smooth finished look to it.

    It is hard and durable.

  5. Water-based – Water based paint dry much faster than oil based paint. The moisture in this type of house paint evaporates and dries quicker. Latex is also water based paint. However, there is no actual latex in the paint, as the name suggests. Water based paint have the following advantages:
  6. Low levels of toxic emissions.

    Easy to clean with water.

    Quick drying.

    Flexible and elastic finish that is resistant to cracking.

    Gives a stable color over time.

  7. Enamel – The term ‘enamel’ is also given to oil based paint. This is because this type of house paint is hard and durable. Enamel is mostly used around windows, doors and the trimmings. There are gloss and semi-gloss finishes in this type of house paint.
  8. Gloss and semi-gloss finishes have the most reflective sheens.They are highly durable even with multiple cleanings, and can make quite a statement.

  9. Acrylic – This is another term used for water based paint. The binding ingredient in this type of house paint is acrylic. There are various types of acrylic paint. These include acrylic latex, enamel or acrylic latex enamel. The acrylic enamel house paint is very durable. The name can be confusing, but don’t forget to check the labels while buying. Also keep in mind that the imperfections will show more when the shine and finish are higher.
  10. Specialty Paints– All types of house paint can be customized. Additives can be added to them. They can have anti mold and anti-mildew properties as well as fire retardants. The ones with anti–condensation additive is a popular choice for the kitchen.

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