Factors that can affect the longevity of exterior paint

Exterior painting contractors are often asked one frequent question, “How long will the paint last?” This is a reasonable question considering the amount of money home owners spend to get their homes painted. There are several factors that can affect the longevity of exterior paint. Below are some of the factors that affect the life of exterior paint:

Quality of Exterior Paint Used

The higher the quality of the paint, the longer the paint will last. Cheaper grades of paint may cause the paint to peel or fade more quickly than better grades. By using high quality paints, contractors ensure the likelihood that the paint will be able to stand up against the element. Using higher quality materials also ensures that the paint will not quickly fade, chip or peel. High quality paint may last for at least 10 years or longer with proper maintenance. Prism House Painting Plus uses only high quality paint.

Weather Conditions

The weather plays a very crucial role in the longevity of the paint.  For homes in temperate climates, paint can last for longer periods. Wooden homes located in areas with extreme temperatures require painting more frequently. A wooden surface with several hours of sun each day may need a fresh coat of paint more often. Homes located close to the beach are likely to need exterior painting done more frequently than those in dryer areas.

Experience of the Exterior Painting Contractor                                             

The experience of the painting contractor can also influence the longevity of the paint. A professional and experienced exterior painting contractor takes enough time to properly prepare the surface of the house prior to exterior painting. The experienced painting contractor will also repair the surface, as well as scraping, sanding or filling it where necessary. This causes the paint to stick better and last longer. You can count on this experience at Prism House Painting Plus.

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