Factors That Contribute to a Beautiful Exterior Paint Job

Exterior house painting

Are you planning to have the exterior of your house painted? Do you know that exterior house painting affects the curb appeal of your house? It can create a dramatic and completely new and fresh appearance. To ensure a beautiful outcome, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration. The following are some important factors, as suggested by the professional painters at Prism House Painting Plus, that will ensure a beautiful exterior paint job:

Planning and Preparation:

  • Choosing the best time of the year is one important element of the preparation process. If you are considering oil-based paint, the ideal outdoor temperatures should be between 40°F and 90°F. If you are considering latex paint, the ideal temperatures should be between 50°F and 85°F. The ideal seasons to have the exterior of your house painted are spring and summer.
  • Get your house ready by doing the appropriate scraping, sanding and repair work, if necessary. Get the help of a professional to ensure quality work.
  • Remove grime, mildew, dirt and chalky residue from the exterior surface. If you need to use a power sprayer, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional to be sure that no damage is caused by the strong water pressure.

Choosing the right paint: No matter what type of paint you choose, make sure you use a high quality paint. If you opt for a lower quality paint, you may need to re-paint your house sooner rather than later. High quality paint can last many years longer and save you money.

Hiring the right company: Hiring the right painting company is as important as planning and preparation and choosing the right color. Always opt for an experienced and expert professional painting company. An experienced company will know everything there is to know about painting, and can ensure a beautiful exterior paint job for your house.

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