How can sunlight make exterior paint color appear different?

Sunlight can make exterior paint color appear different, depending on the weather, the time of day, and the direction your house is facing.

Weather: Choose a color that will look as great in direct sunlight as it does on a cloudy, rainy day. The color you choose may look fine on a cloudy day, but too intense in direct sunlight. Similarly, if it looks great in sunlight, but looks too dark or dull on a cloudy, rainy day, it is probably a color you should stay away from.

The direction your home faces: If your home is facing north, it will get less sunlight during the day. Choose a brighter color to liven it up. If it is facing south, it will be warmer and the color will appear more intense. If you don’t want the color of your house to look too intense, go with a softer or cooler color. Homes facing east will get more sunlight in the morning, and homes facing west will get more light in the second half of the day. Therefore, the light will be softer.

The time of day: Drive around your area and look for exterior house colors that you like. This can help your decision-making process. Make note of the time of day you are looking at the house, as it will help you determine how each color looks at different times of the day.


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