How to make a room look larger with paint colors?

  • Using light colors can make a room bigger and brighter. Since they are more reflective, it gives an open and spacious feeling. Soft tones such as off white, blue and green make the room look bigger and are more inviting.
  • Natural light entering the room makes it look larger. Lighting fixtures can do the trick if you do not have much natural light. Large windows also give the feeling of a bigger room.
  • Painting the room white always makes it look like the largest room in the house. Its versatility makes it match with everything in the room and makes dark furniture stand out.
  • Citrus Tones work well in narrow spaces. However, it must not be too dark or too bright. A subtle shade of yellow or a pale creamy yellow work best.
  • Light blues and greens like the shades of the sea enlarge your room as well as brighten it up.


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