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House painting is an important home renovation project. It can change the look of the house, both internally and externally. The purpose of house painting is to make the house look new and increase its value. It also helps protect the house from weather damage.

Generally, there are two types of house painting:

Exterior House Painting- Exterior house painting is a huge job, and is not easy to do alone. That is why the professionals from Prism House Painting Plus are here to help. With our exterior house painting services, we can restore your home’s exterior surface to its original beauty. Your home will once again have the new look of a freshly painted home.

Interior House Painting- Interior House Painting is the perfect way to improve the look of a room without major renovations. Prism House Painting Plus can turn a room from dreary to cheery, all with the right paint. Our painters cover your furniture or remove it prior to painting.

House Painting Services by Prism House Painting Plus

Founded in 1993, Prism House Painting Plus is a top notch professional exterior and interior house painting company. We have experience in a variety of different housing services. We always have our customer in mind, and offer professional and friendly service to current and potential clients. We are an ideal company for someone looking to improve the look of their room or home without major renovations.

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Finding the right house painting contractor is important to obtain the best results. Whether you are going for exterior house painting or interior house painting in Connecticut, you can rely on Prism House Painting Plus. We offer services at an affordable and fair price, and deliver the best quality paint job. Call us at 203-653-8440 and send an email to You can also leave us a message in our contact us page of our website.

Our office is located at: 169 Noroton Ave, Darien, CT 06820. We also provide services in Greenwich, Westport and Wilton.

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