How Can Lighting, Interior Decor and Finish Affect Interior Paint Color?

Whenever homeowners want to paint or repaint the interior of their home, they generally contact a painting contractor to do the job. Choosing the best and perfect color for the room is always a challenging task. Painting contractors are often asked why a sample color looks different after it’s been applied to the wall. This is influenced by many factors that can affect how the color appears on the walls. According to painting contractors, there are three important factors that can affect paint color: lighting, finish and placement.

How Lighting Affects Paint Color

Du Different types of lighting illuminate rooms in different ways that can cause some colors to appear brighter or darker because of their reflective properties. Natural light will bring out the true nature of a color, but it will also change throughout the daytime hours. The amount of direct or indirect light coming into the room through the windows also can have an effect on how colors are interpreted.

How Finish Affects Paint Color

Paints can have different finishes. Homeowners can choose from various levels of gloss in a shade. Often the paint samples that are found in stores are flat finish, which can look dull. Discussing the various types of finish with a professional painting contractor such as Prism House Painting Plus can help you determine which finish can be best used for each area of the house.

How Interior Décor Affects Paint Color

Furnishings, trims, flooring and accessories will give different effects to interior paint color. Some color combinations may to clash and appear to be a visual disaster, while others may compliment the paint color.

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