How to Paint a House Exterior

Exterior house painting can restore your home’s exterior surface to its original beauty. Exterior house painting is a huge job. You need to consider hiring experienced house painting contractors for best results.

Simple steps to paint a house exterior:

  • Remove dirt and dust: Use power washing to remove all the dirt and dust on the exterior surfaces to be painted.
  • Repair damaged surfaces: Repair damaged surfaces like wood, masonry, metal or siding. Apply epoxy filler to holes and cracks. Once they dry, sand using medium-grit sanding block.
  • Remove chipped and loose paint: Remove chipped and loose paint using a paint scraper or a sanding block.
  • Fill any gaps: Fill the gaps. Trim around doors and windows using exterior caulk and a caulk gun.
  • Apply primer to stains: If your exterior has stains or wood knots, apply one coat of stain-blocking primer to that area using a paintbrush.
  • Cover doors, windows and lights: Cover doors, windows and lighting fixture using painter’s tape.
  • Paint exterior:After the above steps, start your exterior painting job. Make sure that you work from top to bottom in a smooth, controlled manner.

Exterior House Painting Services in Greenwich, CT

Prism House Painting Plus, an exterior house painting contractor in Greenwich, CT has been providing exterior house painting services from over 22 years. They offer professional and friendly service. They also provide a warranty on their painting jobs. Call 203-653-8440 for a free consultation with experienced house painting contractors at Prism House Painting Plus.

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