How to Prepare the Exterior of a House for Painting

Preparing the surface of a house for painting is important. Prepared surfaces help to extend the life of the paint job. Prepared surfaces provide a durable foundation for the bonding of paint. Areas that are not well surfaced may show less of the paint’s color and sheen than areas that are well surfaced.

How to Prepare the Exterior of a House for Painting

Clean the surface: Clean the surface you want to paint. Always use a pressure washer with a good detergent for your cleaning job.
Remove loose paint: Remove loose paint with a wire brush.
Use cloths: Use drop cloths under the areas you plan to paint.
Smooth the surface: Smooth the surface with sandpaper.
Remove dust and dirt: Using a soft brush, clean dust and dirt from surfaces.
Worn out areas: Prime surfaces that are worn, peeled or blistered, and allow to dry.
Clean gutters: Make sure you clean and prime your gutters before you start your painting job.

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