Interior House Painting Techniques from Prism House Painting Plus

Prism House Painting Plus can help you improve the look of your room without spending money on renovations. Knowing the techniques of interior house painting can help achieve perfection, and cut down on expenses.


  • Clean all the areas you want to paint.
  • To avoid lap marks, roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge.
  • Mix several cans of paint in a large bucket for consistent color.
  • Choose a dry day for painting, as it works better than moist days.
  • Paint the trim first, then the ceiling and walls.
  • Prime and texture wall patches to avoid a blotchy finish.
  • Roll paint along the edges for consistent texture.
  • Use cotton drop cloths rather than plastic.
  • Sand trim between coats for an ultra-smooth finish.
  • Once an area starts to dry, do not touch it.
  • A roller will do a better job than a paint brush in less time.
  • Before starting, remove wall plates and tape off light switches and electrical outlets.

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