Most Popular Interior House Painting Colors

Interior house painting colors

Tips from interior house painting experts at Prism House Painting Plus

Although, you may not like the idea of choosing your home’s interior paint color based on the most popular color trends, knowing the colors chosen mostly by designers and homeowners may inspire you.
Popular interior paint colors will continue to change each year. The key to choosing the right interior paint color for your home is by knowing your interior decorating style.
Here are some of the most popular colors to choose from:

Gray: Gray is one interior paint color preferred by most homeowners. It is the most popular neutral color. There are grays that are almost white, but with just a little more depth and warmth than a true white. There are deep charcoal grays that add striking beauty to an office.

Dove: A room does not need to be colored in bright colors for it to look posh, trendy and chic. The color white dove offers a clean look to a room without making it too sterile. White dove also makes a perfect neutral backdrop. This color looks great in entry rooms, hallways, mud rooms and living rooms.

Blue: Another good option is blue. The blue paint colors can vary widely from pale blues that may be perfect for a nursery or entryway to navy blues for a den with high ceilings and white trim. Blue undertones can make a big difference in the room, as will the lighting.

Shelburne Buff: Shelburne buff is a warm and inviting color. It is a great choice for any living space that you want to transform into a cozy retreat.

Beige: Beige is a color for someone who just wants a hint of color without overwhelming the room. Although there is not much variation in this color, there is still a good range to choose from. A pale beige can have peachy undertones and a darker tone may have more hints of brown. Beige is a color that can warm up a room and complement the furnishings and decor.

Monroe Bisque: Monroe Bisque is a lighter neutral color and is perfect for all-over color. This color does not overwhelm a room. Monroe bisque is preferred by most homeowners preparing their home for sale. However, it can also be a perfect color for a guest bedroom, foyer or basement.

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