Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Home Staging

House paint colors

Home staging can increase the market value of your house and will help it sell much faster than an un-staged house. However, caution should be taken when painting your house because inconsistent or unflattering color palettes can turn off your potential buyers. Using the right paint colors can make your house look new and attractive. Here are some paint color mistakes you should avoid making for a successful home staging:

Avoid deciding on paint colors from paint swatches:

Paint swatches are useful, but they may not convey how a particular color will actually look on the walls of your house. To make the best choice, pick a few options and compare them at different times of the day in the rooms you want to paint.

Avoid choosing impractical colors:

Avoid colors like red because they may not be functional for your targeted buyers. Use colors that are practical and easy to maintain.

Avoid using very dark colors:

Avoid very dark tones like black, browns and grays because these colors can absorb natural light and make a room look smaller. Instead, use warm tones or pastels as they can open up a room and make it appear more spacious and inviting.

Avoid using trendy paint colors:

Avoid using colors that seem to be the trendiest at the moment because they can become unfashionable in a few months. Choose versatile colors like cream, pale yellow and beige because these colors are functional in every season.

Avoid choosing colors that do not work well with the decor:

Always choose colors that will go well with the furnishings in your room. Do not pick a color that overpowers the decor or contrasts with it.

Avoid flamboyant colors:

Colors like luminous green and orange may look attractive and lively but they can make your home look gaudy and put off potential homebuyers. Buyers may not want to spend money to paint over an unflattering color. Choose neutral and inviting colors.

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