Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

Painting your child’s room can be a fun thing to do. There are many color options and designs available for children’s bedrooms. However, painting your child’s bedroom requires a lot of preparation. Hiring a professional to do it will ensure that you get the desired results. Here are some things to keep in mind while painting your child’s bedroom:


Children like to have different murals and designs on their walls. Your child’s interest may change as they grow up. Professional interior painting services have great stencils, which will ensure that the mural looks good.

Colors for babies & young children

For babies and young children, choose colors that are soothing and restful to you. Since newborns and small babies have only black and white vision, it is you who will be looking at the walls as you try to feed them, or put them to sleep.

Color choices

Colors have different effects on people. While painting your child’s bedroom, consider colors that will grow with your child. Some great colors for your child’s bedroom include:
Orange: which imparts a feeling of comfort and well-being
Green: which is calming, nurturing and increases concentration
Lavenders, lilacs and pinks: which also create a soothing effect
Brown: which helps grounding
All of these are great nursery colors

Call Prism House Painting Plus to paint your child’s bedroom

If you want your child’s bedroom to be painted, get in touch with Prism House Painting Plus. We are the most experienced and professional interior painters around. We are experts in our industry, so you will be enjoying the best service that money can buy. You can call us at 203-653-8440 or email us at

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