Signs it may be time to repaint your house exterior

Exterior house painting is an easy way to update and improve the appearance of your house. In addition, it protects walls, trims and other surfaces from normal wear and tear, and from the damaging effects of weather. It is important to paint a house from time to time. Here are key indicators that it’s time to re-paint your house exterior:

Peeling and flaking
If wall paint is peeling, cracking of flaking, it’s time to repaint your house. Flaked and chipped areas continue to worsen when exposed to moisture, the sun’s heat and other condition. Bits of paint lying on the ground indicate flaking from the upper levels of a wall that are not detectable from a distance.

Panting fading
Over time, the exterior house paint begins to fade due to extreme weather conditions. It causes the house to appear dated and unkempt. It’s best to re-paint as soon as possible.

If the wall surface forms a fine powder or leaves a chalky residue when touched, it is time to repaint your house exterior. Chalking is a sign of paint deterioration.

Cracks on painted surface means that the paint coating is loose. Cracking leads to peeling, chipping and flaking of paint.

Dirty or stained surfaces
Dirt, pollution or heavy rains can cause exterior surfaces to appear unattractive. Pressure washing is a good way to eliminate dirt, mold and stains. If this fails, it may be time for a new coat of paint.

Signs of wood rot
If you notice lost paint around window or door frames, it is important to repaint. Paint protects the wood for deterioration. Wood rot should be repaired or replaced before painting.

Aged paint
It’s important to be aware of the type of paint used and life expectancy. High quality paint can last up to 7-10 years under normal conditions. Cheaper paints need to be replaced in 4-6 years. Even if the paint shows no visible signs of deterioration, it may be worth to repaint when you reach the point in time.

The paint color is dated
If the exterior paint color gives your home an old-fashioned look, you can update it with a fresh coat of paint.

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