Steps in Painting Your Deck

deck painting

Exposure to the elements in nature, as well as heavy usage, can wear out a deck in a few years. Because of this, a deck paint job does not last very long. To get the best results, you need to take a few preparatory measures before painting it. If you are planning to paint your deck, the professionals at Prism House Painting Plus will ensure that the job is well executed.


It is essential to take a few preparatory measures before painting your deck. Cleaning it is the first step in preparation. Ensure that the surface is clean and all debris, such as pollen or small leaves, is cleared. A home painting professional can be hired to spray the deck with a cleaner. Following the spraying, allow 20 minutes for it to be absorbed. After that, the entire area needs to be scrubbed down, rinsed and left to dry completely.

The next step in preparation involves scraping off any peeling paint from the deck. This will prevent any imperfections from arising. If there are loose nails or loose pieces of wood, they need to be hammered down. If there are any holes, they need to be filled in with putty. Apply caulk in all the joints of the deck and smooth the rough patches.

Finally, cover your home with a plastic sheet to prevent paint from getting on it. Also, cover any plants and shrubs that are close by.


When painting your deck, take into consideration the temperature and weather conditions. The best time for painting is when the humidity is less than 80% and the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid painting your deck between noon and 3 p.m., as direct sunlight during these hours can hamper the process.

It is recommended that you paint your deck with a paint sprayer. Keep a paint roller handy to correct any imperfections and a smaller paint brush for small fixes. Ensure that you paint in the direction of the grain of wood for best results.

Post painting

Choose an oil-based finish and allow the deck to dry for at least four hours. Using professional painting experts will ensure a long lasting paint job for your deck.

Get in touch with the painting professionals at Prism House Painting Plus

If you are planning to get your deck painted, get in touch with the painting experts at Prism House Painting Plus. We offer services at a fair and affordable price, and we deliver the best quality paint job. You can call us at 203-653-8440 or email us at

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