Types of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

What is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

The polish on a hardwood floor can fade, making the floor appear dull. Waxing can restore the floor’s shine, but professionals prefer refinishing for long-lasting results.

Types of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Water-Based Refinishing

Water-based floor refinishing provides a clear finish, and requires four coats. After each coat, wait 2-hours and apply another coat. The cost of water-based refinishing is twice the cost of oil-based hardwood floor refinishing.

Oil-Based Refinishing

Oil-based refinishing makes the floor look as good as new, and requires fewer coats than water-based refinishing. Oil-based refinishing takes more time to complete than water-based refinishing. It causes a strong odor, but the smell disappears over time.

Oil-Based and Water-Based Refinishing Comparison

Oil-based and water-based hardwood floor refinishing helps regain the original shine of the floor. The results do not look exactly the same, and that is the main difference.

Water-based polyurethane contains 30-35 percent solids, and oil-based polyurethane contains 40-45 percent solids. This is why water-based requires four coats and oil-based requires two coats.

Contact for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Prism House Painting Plus is a top provider of hardwood floor refinishing services in Greenwich, CT. Call 203-653-8440 for more information.


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