Types of House Painting Failures

Proper house painting is vital for home improvement. If not done correctly, it can produce undesirable results. House painting failures are caused by different factors, such as poor workmanship, poor surface preparation, incorrect type of paint, and lack of adhesion to surface due to moisture. Common types of house painting failures include:

Blistering of Paint
This is characterized by the appearance of bubbles or blisters on the paint surface. It is caused by moisture caught beneath the painted surface.

Chalking is formation powder on the paint surface. It occurs due to external moisture or when poor quality paints are used.

Curtaining and Sagging
This is formed when the paint runs down in drips. Curtaining and sagging occurs due to bad workmanship, application of paint unevenly or a thick application which causes it to drip.

Flaking and Peeling
Flaking and peeling of paint is caused by lack of aggression. It happens when paint is applied on moist, greasy or chalky surfaces.

Crazing produces irregular cracking of the surface paint. It occurs when hard drying paint is applied on a soft under paint coat or applying paint before the inner coat is dry. The solution is removing the paint on affected areas and re-painting.

This is when the paint coat beneath shows through a finishing coat. It is caused by the incorrect thinning of paint and poor workmanship.

This is a common type of paint failure which results from chemical changes in the paint. It causes the paint to appear like an unstable jelly like substance. This happens due to unsuitable thinners or long storage of paint.

This is the appearance of a soapy formation. It commonly occurs on fresh (unmatured) cement surface or plaster due to high alkali content in the cement.

Mold occurs due to bump conditions on the paint surface or the environment.

Loss of Gloss
This happens due to moisture or a porous undercoat.

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